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Every year on Labor Day weekend, people of faith and people concerned with social and economic justice come together to celebrate Labor Day and the contributions America's working families have made. We know that communities of faith aren't so different from workers who come together on the job for...
Runaway executive pay at health insurance companies will no longer be subsidized by taxpayers, thanks to a little-known provision in the Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obamacare. The provision, which lowered the tax break for executive pay to $500,000 for health insurers, yielded the...
Welcome to our latest feature, a look at what the various AFL-CIO unions, state federations and other working family organizations are doing around the country and beyond. The labor movement is big and active—here's a look at the broad range of activities we're engaged in this week.
This week, we asked you how raising the minimum wage would affect you and the people you know. We’ve had a huge response from our AFL-CIO mobile supporters. Here’s more of what you’ve said so far.Don’t forget you can still send us your story by texting LABOR to 235246.
Here are some headlines from the working families’ news we're reading today (after the jump).