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AFL-CIO Updates

Lions Gate Entertainment (Lionsgate) and other production companies are shipping American musicians’ jobs overseas—musicians who make the music for scores that are so vital to a movie’s story.
Matthew Yglesias points to a new piece from the Pew Research Center that, it seems, was written to spur a nonexistent (according to its own data) generational battle over Social Security and Medicare. Look, we understand it is difficult to write explanatory text to go along with the pretty...
“I thought I wouldn’t survive,” Aklima Khanam said, as she described how she felt when she was trapped under machinery in the collapsed Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh, one of the most deadly workplace accidents in history. Khanam and Aleya Akter, both garment workers, came to the AFL-CIO on...
The second annual Global Labor Film Festival (GLFF) once again circles the world with cinematic solidarity, touching down this year in Turkey, London, Vermont, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Rochester, N.Y., and Monterey and San Jose, Calif. 
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